Document Scanning

Have Documents and Confidential Files Securely Shredded On Site with Mobile Shredding Services

Information has a tendency to take up space, especially if it is paper. Managing data typically involves backing up the data from the tangible paper form to an electronic archive and Shred360 understands the time consuming nature of this process. Just like paper shredding, Shred360 has the industrial technology to streamline this process. Allowing our service to convert your documents from paper to electronic form will not only save your company time, but also increase YOUR productivity and potentially cut employee labor costs.

Shred360 will ensure that all documents are securely transported to the scanning facility directly with an array of indexing options.

After the documents are scanned, Shred360 can also perform our certified shredding services on the scanned documents. This will further cut employee labor costs and increase workplace productivity since your staff will not be assigned to this task.

Why should you get your documents scanned?

  • Your company will increase productivity time since your employees will not be completing a task that infringes on their active list of duties.
  • Hard copy filing storage can infringe on quality control through potential oversights and difficulty of retrieval. Having your tangible documents transferred to an electronic platform will make the information easier to control and access.
  • Shred360 scanning and shredding services will ensure proper organization and destruction of tangible documents and sensitive information. There will be a detailed Chain of Custody and Certificate of Destruction to validate and finalize the secure process.

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