Service Type: Core

Secure Document Storage

Secure Document Storage shred360 service vault

Space costs money, and Shred360 understands this. That is why Shred360 proudly offers Secure Document Storage for all of your important, confidential information. Let Shred360 keep your documents secure and organized in our secure storage facility. Our facilities are under 24/7 video surveillance and are equipped with alarm systems. Trained Shred360 staff members do daily […]

Document Scanning

Document Scanning shred360 scanner

Information has a tendency to take up space, especially if it is paper. Managing data typically involves backing up the data from the tangible paper form to an electronic archive and Shred360 understands the time consuming nature of this process. Just like paper shredding, Shred360 has the industrial technology to streamline this process. Allowing our […]

Certified Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding service offers customers the same safe, end-to-end secure Chain of Custody as our off-site services while still at your location. For some customers, on-site shredding services are a preferred option. Whether it’s because of corporate policy or for the peace of mind that comes with seeing sensitive documents destroyed in person, Shred-it offers […]

Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronic Waste Recycling shred360 ewaste

As with our paper shredding services, Shred360 also provides electronic waste recycling services. Electronic Waste does not belong in a landfill or a residential garbage can and should be recycled using a certified service to ensure that the material is handled in a proper manner. Shred360 will gladly accept the following forms of Electronic Waste: […]

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction shred360 hard drive

Shred360 knows that the rapidly evolving information technology world is quickly transitioning to digital platforms. The only way to ensure that your electronic data is securely destroyed is have them destroyed with a certified service. As with all of Shred360’s information management services, the hard drive destruction is AAA NAID Certified. Proprietary items that are […]

Specialty Destruction

Specialty Destruction shred360 credit cards

Shred360 does not stop at Paper and Electronics Destruction. Employee Credit Cards, ID Cards, Access Cards, and anything that can be utilized to access information needs to be securely destroyed just like the information itself. These services are offered either on-site or off-site. Shredding access devices to your information will add a layer of security […]

Routine Scheduled Shredding

Routine Scheduled Shredding Mobile Paper Shredding Services in Tampa

Shred360 understands that a customer’s needs come in all sizes, and we are here to meet the needs of your business. Our Routine Scheduled Shredding Service Program can be tailored to service all shredding needs. With multiple container sizes and service frequencies, Shred360 can offer a unique, customized routine paper shredding service that will safely […]