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Shred360 provides a range of highly effective solutions to meet your document management requirements, whether they include secure paper shredding, document scanning, document storage, or a combination of all.

Shred360 Hard Drive Destruction

100% Hard Drive Destruction with 0% Data Recovery

Sensitive information is no longer conveyed in only paper documents like checks and contracts. Today, classified materials exist in many formats, such as computer hard drives, CD’s and DVD’s, cassette tapes, video tapes, x-rays and more. But you can’t overlook other proprietary items that may be valuable to your competitors or customers, such as prototypes, product samples, promotional coupons and even conference room brainstorming flip charts.

What Will Shred360 Destroy?

Hard Drives – desktop, laptop, etc.
Magnetic Media – backup tapes, mini cartridges, floppy disks, etc.
Zip Disks
Flash Media – USB storage devices, PDAs, iPads, tablets, etc
Optical Media – CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMS, Blue Ray, HD DVD, etc

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Complete Destruction

Complete destruction of computer hard drives and non-paper media is the only 100% secure means to confidently and permanently destroy sensitive non-paper data.

Do not believe all the software promises
Data that is wiped, reformatted, erased or degaussed CAN be restored! Sensitive data will remain that can be retrieved by information thieves.

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0% Data Recovery

Shred360 will bring one of its powerful mobile shredding units to your location or will securely transport sensitive materials to its facility for destruction. Either way, you can be assured of thorough, certified data destruction of various materials, including paper, computer hard drives and more.

Shred360 will provide locked onsite containers consisting of rolling bins or office consoles, and will service your facility on a predetermined schedule that suits your needs.
We are NAID certified. See why that matters

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