Shred360 is accepting donations for Toys for Tots

Shred360 and Toys for Tots Shred Days Were a Huge Success!

Shred360 Paper Shredding Services and Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program has had a very successful toys collection event again this holiday season. We have partnered over the years to put smiles on children’s faces during the holiday season. Over the years Shred360 has shredded over 60 thousand pounds of documents and collected thousands of toys for this great cause.

This year alone we collected over 400 new toys and shredded almost 14,000 pounds of confidential material. Protecting consumers information is our job, but putting a smile on a child’s face makes this an awesome event. We conducted 5 paper shredding events across North Carolina and South Carolina. During those events we also collected over $1,100.00. This money goes directly towards buying more toys for the children that deserve a Merry Christmas.

Shred360 would like to thank everyone that came out to support our paper shredding events. A special thank you for drop-off location partner First Community Bank. If you would like to learn more about our upcoming shred day events, please click the link below for more document shredding events in your area.

We would like to say thank you to all the people who came out on Saturday 11/9. Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina happily reported that we were able to collect almost 8 tons of food.

If you missed this event please come out to the event with Second harvest and Shred360 will have on the 16th. Click here for more details.

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Protect your privacy and financial information with these online shopping tips and the Avast Secure Browser

The holiday shopping season really gets under way when Black Friday deals begin – which now happens earlier and earlier during the week of Thanksgiving. The deals typically extend through Cyber Monday, which this year is Dec. 1. Look out, holiday shoppers. A rambunctious stretch lies ahead.


Instead of rushing to the malls, shoppers today rush to their screens, jumping into the online shopping frenzy. The only buzzkill to this holly-jolly good time is that bad actors of all types — from greedy advertisers to flat-out cybercriminals — anticipate this spike in online activity and hatch their own phishing scams and deceptive schemes to direct the digital cash flow their way. Treacherous imposters are everywhere you turn, from fake mobile apps and phony websites posing as real businesses to malicious emails pretending to be your package’s shipping info or a holiday card from a friend.

But you can avoid all the havoc and hassle with these tips for a safer, saner online shopping experience.

  1. Always Go official
  2. Avoid phishing Scams
  3. Compare prices
  4. Stay anonymous-use a VPN
  5. Cut out the clutter and hassle with an ad blocker
  6. Do not store payment info
  7. Limit thyself

For more info please see this ARTICLE.

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Shred360 is providing consumers with free shred days all week long in support of Consumer Protection Week (March 5-11). We are partnering with South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs for these events. The links below provides event locations and times. identity theft is a crime that causes many frustrations. The ability to destroy your most confidential information in a secure and economical fashion is paramount in protecting yourself from becoming a victim…

SC Department of Consumer Affairs’ Events Page

Shred360’s Events Page  


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Dumpster Diving and Disco

“I haven’t heard about dumpster diving since I was dancing to disco!”

That’s what an office manager for a large legal practice said to me recently.  She said it after I explained how using an office shredder still puts her practice at risk. The risk is certainly there for those using small, personal shredders at home, also.

There are a couple of reasons why this is the case.  First, there’s commercially available software that reconstructs shredded documents.  It’s real, it really works, and it’s being used today.  In most cases, it’s being used by law enforcement agencies, security companies, investigators, and some government agencies.  However, it’s also being used by people who want get their hands on sensitive information and use that information for purposes that would cause havoc at your company or organization.


Second, disco may be dead, but dumpster diving is also real and it’s alive and well in 2015.  We tend to forget about physical (non-electronic records, such as paper documents) data breaches because we hear so much about electronic breaches like the ones affecting Target and Home Depot customers.  But physical breaches are extremely common, especially for small to medium-sized companies that often believe data protection measures are only for the big guys.

When you combine dumpster diving with software that can piece together shredded documents, what you get is enormous potential for identity theft, fines (up to $1.5M in some cases), and negative publicity.


A certified onsite shredding services company can protect your employees, your customers, your company’s bottom line, and your reputation.  And guess what…in most cases, it’s less expensive than using that office shredder that you’re holding on to so tightly. For those of you ‘shredding along at home’, these risks are just as applicable to you… Shred360 takes care of hundreds of individual residential consumers each and every year.

For more information about certified onsite shredding or tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft, visit, or reach out to us at We promise a prompt reply!

Thanks to Cam Caudle of for this great article!

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