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Many thanks to Vinnie Mirchandani for featuring Shred360 Tampa in a recent blog… To view the original article, please click here.

Doing the ‘Monster Munch’ (by Vinnie Mirchandani, New Florence. New Renaissance.)

I saw a remarkable phenomenon yesterday. Cars were lined up waiting to be served by a mobile truck. The latest foodie craze? Kids lined up on a hot day for Kona Ice?

Actually, they were folks lining up with crates of paper to be shredded. The line was at least 20 cars deep. In an age of identity theft and other privacy concerns, Cam Caudle, owner of the Shred360 truck reports heightened interest in his paper and e-waste disposal services.

I got in touch with him because I had a couple of crates of book drafts I needed disposing. That was too small a job for him to drive the truck to us (he services a wide swath across Tampa Bay) so he told me about “shred day”.  As a community service, this army veteran periodically drives the truck to a parking lot and shreds limited quantities for free.  He would not even accept a donation for the job.

I asked him about his Alpine Evolution truck, and it is one heck of a high-torque engineering marvel. Features include planetary gears, precision-made solid steel shaft, the cameras to allow consumers to watch the shredding process, the robotic arms to lift the carts, a backup camera and numerous other safety features. Some of the bigger trucks can churn through 9,000 lbs of paper an hour. Many of the Alpine trucks now also have a hard drive shredder – up to 10 hard drives chomped up a minute!

Back home, I could not help but hum the Monster Mash and mock my poor, little 10 page-at-a-time shredder.

If you are local call Cam for your shredding needs or try out one of the growing mobile shredding services in your town.

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