Anderson to Head New Certification Initiative


At the NAID Annual Business Meeting, held during the NAID 2015 Annual Conference last week, Treasurer Angie Singer Keating moved for the creation of a new standing committee to be responsible for the promotion and adoption of NAID AAA Certification, specifying within the motion that outgoing NAID Director John Anderson from Shred360 in Columbia, South Carolina, be named as its inaugural chair. The motion was seconded and approved by the membership.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, creation of such a committee is long overdue.

“Back in the day, there was one NAID certification committee responsible for rulemaking, enforcement and promotion,” said Johnson. “When we separated rulemaking and enforcement by creating the Certification Review Board, promotion sort of fell by the wayside.”

Anderson is a well known advocate for NAID certification but has also championed inclusiveness and member choice.

“It is going to be our job to make NAID certification attractive to members and their customers,” said Anderson. “When we do our job correctly, most members will quickly migrate to certification, and our strength in numbers will remain. While NAID certification is an important factor, it is not the only measurable option offered to NAID members. Shred School graduates, Certified Secure Destruction Specialists (CSDS) and the custodial membership certification are all important spokes in our wheel. This collective program makes us a very strong NAID team.”