Shred Bits Newsletter June 2013

Shred360 Proud to be Working with Local AARP!

Shred360 believes very strongly in protecting Seniors. That’s why we are so happy to be working with AARP once again. Join us for a free shred day at the Capital Senior Center, 1650 Park Circle, Columbia, Monday June 24th. And stay tuned for more events with AARP in the future.

Shred360 Team Gives Back (Actually Picks Up) For Local Community

Adopt-A-Highway – The Shred360 cleaning crew spent Monday, May 20th, making South Carolina roads a little cleaner. We always enjoy giving back to the community that makes us so successful. This is what we were founded on and it continues to be our cornerstone.

Thanks again South Carolina,
The Shred360 Team

Did You Know Shred360 Is In Charlotte?

If you live or work in The Queen City or surrounding areas, or know someone who does, think of Shred360 when it comes to secure paper shredding, material destruction or document management. We’ve got you covered!

– 704-248-7581 –

From SC Department of Consumer Affairs: Identity Theft – Credit Monitoring

Thousands of South Carolina consumers enrolled in the ProtectMyID credit monitoring program, a positive step in minimizing the effects of the breach. ProtectMyID alerts a consumer when new information is posted to their credit report, such as accounts created, change of address and change in public record information. However, it is up to the consumer receiving the alert to verify whether the information was a result of their action or identity theft. Get an alert? Take these FREE steps:

1) Place a fraud alert on your credit reports. You only have to call one of the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) and they will notify the other two. This is a FREE service

2) Request your credit reports. A fraud alert allows you to get one free credit report from each credit bureau. You can also get them for free each year by calling 877-382-8228 or visiting

3) Review your reports carefully. Look for any signs of identity theft, including incorrect information, accounts you don’t recognize, etc.

4) If you find something wrong, contact the credit reporting company right away.

5) Keep good records and be sure to track the progress of your corrections.

6) Consider a security freeze that puts your credit report on lockdown. It stops a business from accessing your report without permission.

SCDCA aims to protect consumers from inequities in the marketplace through advocacy, complaint mediation, enforcement and education. For more identity theft information, visit and click “Identity Theft Resources” or call 1-800-922-1594.