Shred360 Staffers Achieve Lofty Status


Shred360 is extremely proud to boast a status that we believe no other secure shredding company (anywhere!) has yet accomplished. We are now proud to announce four new Certified Secure Document Destruction Specialists! John Anderson, Cam Caudle, Michael O’Hara and Ryan DuBose now join James Christie and Greg Shealy as Shred360 staffers that have attained CSDS status. Shred360 now boasts SIX employees that have attained this difficult accomplishment.

The National Association for Information Destruction launched the CSDS Accreditation Program (CAP) in 2010 to promote and acknowledge an indiviual’s competency in a range of subject areas related to the secure destruction of information and the secure destruction of other items. The CAP is separate and distinct from the NAID AAA Certification Program, which verifies  the ongoing compliance of an organization’s secure destruction services with established security and operational standards. NAID AAA Certification applies to an organization whereas CAP applies to an individual. Shred360 is also proud to be NAID AAA Certified.

‘Becoming a CSDS is a major achievement,’ says NAID CEO Bob Johnson. He adds, ‘While there are some industry professionals who have a grasp of one or another of these areas, it is a remarkable accomplishment to demonstrate expertise in all of them.’ The CSDS exam establishes an individual’s competency in seven subject areas, consisting of questions about data protection legislation, physical security, risk management, operations, and records management.