Shred360 is Now “SeniorChecked”

Shred360 is committed to the continued identity theft protection of some of our most vulnerable citizens…seniors. We continue to lead the industry of information security by becoming the first local on-site information destruction company to acquire the “SeniorChecked” designation. In addition to offering consumers access to affordable information destruction, Shred360 has raised the bar for offering additional peace of mind for our residential customers when serviced by one of our Mobile Service Representatives.

Silver Nation, LLC develops solutions to serve and protect our nation’s independent senior citizens. A constellation of events is leading to a potential national crisis…. It is no secret that the number of seniors in this country is growing every year. Good medicine, nutrition and improved lifestyles have kept seniors living longer, healthier lives…. Our families are no longer living in close proximity, leaving many seniors to rely on non-family members for care…. Opportunistic and dishonest service providers who are taking advantage of vulnerable seniors are becoming more prevalent.

So who is making sure our parents and grandparents are protected? Silver Nation has made a commitment to senior citizens to develop programs, services and technology that assist seniors in living independently, safely and without fear. Visit our SeniorChecked Web site to learn about our provider authentication service.

Shred360 is now “SeniorChecked” according to the following list of stringent standards:

    Legitimate: business charter filed with state government; business verified by SeniorChecked investigators

    Licensed: maintain a valid and appropriate license if required

    Insured: carry liability insurance and if required, a crime bond

    Crime Free: no criminal history or pertinent lawsuits

    Background Checked: owners/employees are background checked using a local and national review

    Consumer Endorsed: no pattern of complaints filed with consumer affairs offices and consumer advocate agencies

    Committed to Seniors: adhere to the SeniorChecked Code of Ethics