Easy Guide To Keeping Your Online Shopping Safe.

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Protect your privacy and financial information with these online shopping tips and the Avast Secure Browser

The holiday shopping season really gets under way when Black Friday deals begin – which now happens earlier and earlier during the week of Thanksgiving. The deals typically extend through Cyber Monday, which this year is Dec. 1. Look out, holiday shoppers. A rambunctious stretch lies ahead.


Instead of rushing to the malls, shoppers today rush to their screens, jumping into the online shopping frenzy. The only buzzkill to this holly-jolly good time is that bad actors of all types — from greedy advertisers to flat-out cybercriminals — anticipate this spike in online activity and hatch their own phishing scams and deceptive schemes to direct the digital cash flow their way. Treacherous imposters are everywhere you turn, from fake mobile apps and phony websites posing as real businesses to malicious emails pretending to be your package’s shipping info or a holiday card from a friend.

But you can avoid all the havoc and hassle with these tips for a safer, saner online shopping experience.

  1. Always Go official
  2. Avoid phishing Scams
  3. Compare prices
  4. Stay anonymous-use a VPN
  5. Cut out the clutter and hassle with an ad blocker
  6. Do not store payment info
  7. Limit thyself

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