Secure YOUR Information with Shred360 Shredding Services

Reasons to Professionally Shred Your Documents and Confidential Materials

  • Peace of Mind Knowing Your Information is Securely Shredded

    • Shred360 not only prides ourselves with our quality of work and customer service, but also the safety that we provide our customers. Our industrial shredders cut paper into an “irregular cut”, enhancing the security of the documents and papers we shred.
    • According to the Identity Theft Research Center, data compromises rose over 68% in 2020. Shredding your documents as opposed to simply disposing of them will eliminate the risk of your tangible documents being put into the wrong hands.
    • On-Site shredding gives our customer the opportunity to witness the entire shredding process, so they can rest assured that their documents are destroyed and heading straight to a recycling facility.
  • All Shredded Materials are Recycled

    • After the documents are shredded, Shred360 securely transports them to a recycling facility to be emulsified and transformed back into sheets of paper.
    • Shred360 shreds hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper monthly, saving both the landfills and trees.
  • Professional Shredding Saves Time

    • Smaller shredding machines can take hours to shred what Shred360’s machines can shred in minutes.
    • Employees have more opportunity to focus on more productive tasks when they are not faced with the monotonous task of shredding piece by piece of paper.
    • Companies could potentially save thousands of dollars in employee wages when they do not have to worry about shredding their documents.
  • Security of Consumer Information

    • Shred360 upholds AAA i-Sigma Certification, meaning the stringent standards of secure shredding are upheld at all times.
    • It takes years to build a reputation and only minutes to destroy it, ensuring consumer’s information is destroyed securely adds a layer of protection to a company or individual’s reputation.


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