Shred360 strives to provide the best document destruction and information management services in the shredding industry. We base our entire business plan around the satisfaction of the customer and go to great lengths to ensure the experience is just as enjoyable as it is secure.

Shred360 prides itself on its service and we love to hear from you about your experience.

We have used Shred360 since they opened. Their professionalism and customer service are amazing! We are proud to be your customer!

MerewynnBrett’s Pest Control https://

…Everyone in our office is very pleased with your quick response to our calls as well as the appearance, demeanor and efficiency of your employees. Your service is a definite asset to our organization. Since we are in a very confidential business, the payroll business, it is very important that we have the utmost confidence in the provider of your service. Rest assured that we do, plus we are very pleased with the quality and convenience of the program

RichardPayroll Company

We have had the unique privilege of partnering with John, James, and Mike on several occasions in the past year…[t]heir commitment to excellence and integrity has enabled us to do our job better by providing consumers with a wonderful service.

…Identity theft certainly has been and will continue to be one of our “hot topics.” We believe our “Shred Day” is the best way to both educate and assist South Carolina consumers about the issue…By donating their service during these daylong events, we are able to service many consumers and hopefully encourage them to shred their documents on a regular basis…we have received countless compliments from consumers about how well they were treated and how efficiently their documents were shredded…

MariaDepartment of Consumer Affairs

…Shred 360 has shown us nothing but the best customer service…they are prompt, friendly and responsive. We appreciate this kind of relationship greatly and look forward to doing business with them in the future.

MelodyInsurance Company

James took care of me from the beginning! He analyzed my specific needs. When he pulled up in front of our office doors, he appeared to be very professional…He definitely goes above and beyond!

This may be an understated letter for the relief that he has offered me…he is dependable and honest! The way business should be

AnnetteManufacturing Company

I want to thank Shred360 for your recent very efficient, on-site shredding services. The old clients’ files & financial records being so permanently destroyed is one benefit, but that the remnants will be transformed into other usable paper products serves to gratify greatly.

As a former chairman of the S.C. Commission on Consumer Affairs, I like what you do to help consumers, such as assisting with the prevention of identity theft and other things. As an attorney who’s in his twenty-sixth year of practicing law, I like what you’ve done to help the S.C. Bar Association and its members. And, as a rather active member of my community, I like and admire the tremendous community-mindedness your company has displayed across South Carolina. Please keep up the good work. I’d recommend y’all to anybody or any organization.

WaringSC Bar Association

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