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How does the paper shredding process work?

The paper shredding process comes in many different sizes and scopes. The basic shredding process is outlined in the following link. (Understanding the Shredding Process) You may need only a one-time cleanout of old files, or you may need us to come to your office weekly for routine service. We have the flexibility to meet whatever shredding needs you may have, and can change as your needs change.

Can I shred things other than paper?

Shred360 provides the ability to destroy almost anything. Our product destruction division can destroy old uniforms, unwanted product runs, and even computer hard drives. When an item is fully destroyed, the destruction process renders that product useless and keeps it out of the hands of others. Don’t settle for services that offer anything less than complete destruction. Have something unusual that you’re not sure about? Just ask us…

How do I select the best paper shredding company?

You should choose a destruction provider that is certified. This insures that they follow stringent security practices. Shred360 is AAA Certified by NAID, the highest certification currently available in our industry. Want more information on how NAID Certification protects you? Just ask us! Ensure that the provider has proper insurance in place to protect you in the event of an accident or mishap. Ask to see a current Certificate of Insurance. Make sure that the provider does not have any hidden or extra fees and charges. It’s easy to offer one quote over the phone and then change it later… Ask them to lay out ALL fees and charges up front.  Check any potential providers’ reviews and references. Any paper shredding company can tell you that they do a great job. What do their current and past customers say about them?

When is your next free shred day?

We provide a current listing of upcoming free community shredding events on our “Upcoming Free Shred Day Events” page, found in the top of page menu under “News & Events”. Please visit it for the most accurate information. Check this page often, or look to Facebook or Twitter, as we are constantly adding new events to the schedule.

How do I protect myself from being a victim of identity theft?

Unfortunately, this is not a simple answer. This is a moving target and you need to treat it as if you want to lower your exposure each and every day. You must limit how your information is kept and protected. There are many resources that can help you minimize your exposure. Please visit our “News and Events” tab to review articles on best practices for protecting your information.  We have also prepared a special page called, “10 Helpful Tips To Protect Your Identity”, that is filled with many helpful tips and links to assist you in the event that your identity is compromised…and even more importantly, to help you prevent identity theft before it happens!

Where does the shredded paper go once it is destroyed?

All of Shred360’s shredded paper is 100% recycled into fiber that is milled into new paper products at manufacturing facilities all over the country. It is not used for packing material or any other general use. This important step not only helps conserve our environmental resources, but also completely and permanently eliminates your personal information!

What is the difference between on-site paper shredding and off-site paper shredding?

The on-site process of paper shredding: This is when an automated shred truck comes directly to your location and shreds the documents at the time of service.
The off-site process of paper shredding: This is when a collections vehicle, like a van or box truck, transports the material to a facility to be destroyed. Shred360 is AAA Certified by NAID for BOTH of these services.

Do I have to prepare my documents prior to being shredded?

Shred360 does not require the customer to remove any common office quality products. Clips, binders, staples, plastics and metals are all fine. You may even include spiral notebooks, 3-ring binders and floppy disks. Have something you’re not sure about? Just ask us and we’ll help you figure it out.

Where can I go to drop off my confidential papers to be shredded?

Shred360 provides many convenient drop off locations throughout our service areas. Please click here for a current list of these locations.

Who is the best paper shredding company?

Shred360 is clearly the best choice when it comes to destroying your most confidential information. We have a proven track record of providing accredited service to our customers one job at a time. Our certifications ensure that we follow the strictest guidelines in the industry and our awards quantify that we are the business that you want to do business with. And we have the customer testimonials to back it up…4000 satisfied current and past customers can’t be wrong!

How long does the shredding process take?

Our state of the art mobile shred trucks can shred 3000-5000 pounds of paper per hour, so most jobs are very quick and efficient.

Is there a minimum amount needed for me to have my paper shredded?

There are no minimums or maximums. The Shred360 system can accommodate the one-time shoe box purge AND the 10,000 box purge. We have a program for all customers, both residential and business. Shred360 treats all customer needs with the same care, no matter the size of the job. We realize that you wouldn’t be calling us if it wasn’t important to you.

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