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At one time or another, we have all made resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, manage our finances better, or to join a gym. Are you still sticking with them? These are all great goals and can pay off if we do. But, many times, if (or when) we break them, we feel like we’ve failed, and it becomes easy to abandon them altogether. Below is a list of 10 New Year’s resolutions that everyone should consider making in 2016. Rather than a list of do’s and don’ts, it is more of a list of small habits that can make a difference in our lives — even when we’re not 100% successful in sticking to them.

Spend More Time in Conversations that Matter

Too often, days at a time can go by with the conversations we have with our friends, family members and co-workers going no deeper than surfacy chit-chat. Though there’s nothing wrong with joking around, reliving the latest episode of American Idol, or discussing the outcome of the big game, if we’re not intentional about regularly engaging in deeper conversations—that challenge us intellectually, spiritually and socially—too often, those types of talks can become increasingly rare.

Complain Less…Do More

We’re all guilty of it from time to time: We see something broken—in culture, in our neighborhood, the government, in our own personal relationships—and our first instinct is to vent about it instead of thinking of ways we can help change it. Complaining about something can offer momentary relief from frustrations, but working on solutions to the problems in our world can actually fix the things that are broken.

Spend Less Time Worrying

Any time spent worrying is time wasted. It’s also counterproductive. If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?

Listen to Music Every Week

When is the last time you actually listened to music? When we were younger, music was our social media. Now, we are bombarded with 200 channels on our televisions, binge-watching of series on Netflix, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and a host of other forms of media, all vying for our time. The good side of this is that it’s now easier than ever to find and listen to new and different music. Next year, consider making some time to listen to music and to check out new artists making music.

Cut Others Some Slack

In today’s era of social media, where everyone has not only an opinion, but a platform to broadcast it, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of getting angry at our friends over things they say that we don’t agree with. Unfortunately, many times we allow the mindset of taking offense at these things to creep into our real-world relationships. In 2016, commit to being offended less and reserve your anger for issues that really matter.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

We’ve all been driven to try to accomplish things but ended up falling short. We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all failed. Next year, when you mess up, drop the ball or let people you care about down, do what you can to make it right, but be quick to move on and show yourself the same grace you extend to others.

Read More

No matter how much time you currently spend reading, there is even more potentially life-changing wisdom in the pages written by some of the world’s greatest minds. All you have to do is take the time to read it. In the coming year, set a goal of reading one book per month, and go from there.

Challenge Your Own Presuppositions More Often

Just take a look at recent news headlines, ongoing current events and debates in social media, and it’s clear to see that we live in polarizing times. Though being able to take a stand for what you believe is an admirable trait, so is listening to the other side and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Even if we don’t end up changing our position on an issue, questioning our own long-held presuppositions doesn’t just serve to challenge our beliefs—it can actually strengthen them.

Spend Less Time on Your Phone

When you reflect back on 2016 this time next year, you probably won’t remember your new Candy Crush high score, that listicle of things you didn’t know about the cast of The Brady Bunch, or that there were 215 other uses for Coca Cola. Even if you’re not a full-fledged app addict, in the era of the iPhone, we can all use a little less time looking at screens, and more time enjoying the people and places around us. In fact, just recently, there was a person that (literally) walked off the side of a cliff to their death because they were more focused on their phone than where they were going. How does this happen?!

Share More Meals with People You Care About

We’re all busy. And, the reality is, a lot of times it’s just more convenient to go to the drive-thru, eat lunch at your desk or use dinnertime to catch up on some Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with doing this every once in a while, but when eating on the run becomes a lifestyle, you end up depriving yourself—and others in your life—of moments that could be used to build deeper relationships.

Most importantly, use these suggestions to slow down a bit in 2016 and focus on what’s truly important in your life. You don’t want to look up from your phone and wonder where everybody is…

Thanks to Jesse Carey and for most of this great info!







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toys for tots shred day         Toys for Tots 2015                                                                                                      SD Myrtle

Thanks to YOUR gracious generosity, the 2015 Shred360 Toys for Tots campaign was a HUGE success again this year! We were able to collect over 300 new, unwrapped toys….and nearly $650 in cash donations, which will go directly to the purchase of MORE TOYS! That’s a LOT of smiles on the faces of deserving, less fortunate children this Christmas season!

The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens.

Special thanks to our partners that served as drop-off locations…Carolina Collegiate Federal Credit Union (Rosewood Dr and Pulaski St branches)…CalmWater Financial in Lexington…and the Ashley Johnson State Farm Agency on Bush River Rd. Special thanks to Walmart in Myrtle Beach for hosting us for a shred day/collection event! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Dumpster Diving and Disco

“I haven’t heard about dumpster diving since I was dancing to disco!”

That’s what an office manager for a large legal practice said to me recently.  She said it after I explained how using an office shredder still puts her practice at risk. The risk is certainly there for those using small, personal shredders at home, also.

There are a couple of reasons why this is the case.  First, there’s commercially available software that reconstructs shredded documents.  It’s real, it really works, and it’s being used today.  In most cases, it’s being used by law enforcement agencies, security companies, investigators, and some government agencies.  However, it’s also being used by people who want get their hands on sensitive information and use that information for purposes that would cause havoc at your company or organization.


Second, disco may be dead, but dumpster diving is also real and it’s alive and well in 2015.  We tend to forget about physical (non-electronic records, such as paper documents) data breaches because we hear so much about electronic breaches like the ones affecting Target and Home Depot customers.  But physical breaches are extremely common, especially for small to medium-sized companies that often believe data protection measures are only for the big guys.

When you combine dumpster diving with software that can piece together shredded documents, what you get is enormous potential for identity theft, fines (up to $1.5M in some cases), and negative publicity.


A certified onsite shredding services company can protect your employees, your customers, your company’s bottom line, and your reputation.  And guess what…in most cases, it’s less expensive than using that office shredder that you’re holding on to so tightly. For those of you ‘shredding along at home’, these risks are just as applicable to you… Shred360 takes care of hundreds of individual residential consumers each and every year.

For more information about certified onsite shredding or tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft, visit, or reach out to us at We promise a prompt reply!

Thanks to Cam Caudle of for this great article!

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Shred360 Golf Tournament to Benefit Epworth Children's Home

Friday, October 16th, 2015
8:00am Reg 9:00am Start

Hidden Valley Country Club
147 Excaliber Ct
Gaston SC 29053

$65 each player OR $250 per team

4-Person Captains Choice
Golf Tournament & Lunch

Mulligans/Red Tees/Throws
$5 Each —OR—
2 Red Tees + 2 Mulligans +
1 Throw (+5 raffle tickets)
Each Mulligan/Red Tee purchase will also serve as raffle tickets for prizes after play

8:00 Registration
8:00 Range/Putting Open
8:45 Welcome
9:00 Shotgun Start
Lunch/Prizes After Golf

WHY: All proceeds will be used to benefit Epworth Children’s Home. Participation and  Sponsorship is an excellent  way to help support this great organization.

Get all the details and sign up you or your team using the attached PDF form >>

More About Epworth Children’s Home

Your participation or sponsorship of this golf tournament will provide much needed financial support to  Epworth Children’s Home. Since 1896, Epworth Children’s Home has been a place for children to grow, learn and be loved.  Children ages 4-18 come to Epworth from broken family systems and Epworth’s goal is to nurture and love them by providing education, counseling, medical care and spiritual enrichment.  Epworth aims to break the destructive cycle of abuse, neglect and shame and replace it with an opportunity for each child to live a life of self-respect, responsibility and productivity.

Epworth is licensed by the SC Dept of Social Services and is recognized as a 501c3 private, child and family service organization.

The mission of Epworth Children’s Home is to serve children, youth and families through a caring, accepting and safe Christian community, where hurts are healed; hope is nurtured; and faith in God and others is developed.

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The whole point of Facebook is to share your life with other people. You probably have more than a few friends who fall into the over-sharing category. Before you snicker, you may be one too and not even know it. Here are FIVE personal tidbits Facebook asks you to share that you’re much better off keeping to yourself.

1. Your Phone Number

It’s a really bad idea to add your home or cellphone number to your Facebook page. Prank callers, stalkers, scammers and identity thieves would love to use this information against you. Not only that, but there’s a Facebook trick that works pretty much most of the time. Anyone can use your phone number to search and find your Facebook page.

One security researcher, Reza Moaiandin, took it a step further and found he didn’t even need to know a specific phone number. He wrote a program to generate every possible number in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Then he submitted the numbers to Facebook and got back information from millions of profiles that had poor privacy settings. If he had wanted to, he could have turned around and sold the information on the black market to hackers who build and sell “fullz” or packages of identity information.

If you do give your phone number to Facebook, be sure to hide it in your profile.

Go to Facebook and click on your name at the top of the page. When your profile page loads, click the “Update Info” button in the lower-right corner of your cover image.  Go to “Contact and Basic Info” in the left column and next to your phone number click the “Edit” link. Click the “audience selector” icon, which will either be a globe or a silhouette of two people and change it to “Only me.” Now no one can see your phone number, and it won’t show up in searches.


2. Your Home Address

Post a picture of your recent vacation or major new purchase and this puts you at risk. Think for a moment of all the terrible things that might happen if some nefarious person knew your home address. Remove it from your Facebook profile.

Follow the directions in the last section to get into the “Contact and Basic Info” section of your profile information. Look for “Neighborhood,” and if there’s an address there click the “Edit” link next to it and wipe out the information. Then click “Save Changes.”

One other place you might not think about your address being is under events. If you create an event, it will likely have your address so people know where to go. If that accidentally gets set to Public, then anyone can see it.

Either delete the event right after it happens, or tell people attending to message you for the address. Be sure to check back through your history to get rid of any old events or posts that have your address in them.


3. Anything Work-Related

Try not to leave any information on your Facebook that reveals where you work. If someone from your workplace tries to search for employees on Facebook, they might find a post or photo that they don’t like.

Similarly, if a hacker wanted to figure out whom to target if they wanted to break into your workplace’s computers, social media would be their first stop. Of course, they’re more likely to hit LinkedIn first.

Again, you can use Facebook’s timeline tools to do a scan of your past posts. Remove any information about your current job, especially if it’s of a complaining nature. If you have posts about previous jobs, you might want to remove those as well. A current coworker or supervisor you decide to friend might see them and it could color their opinion of you.


4. Your Relationship Status

Including your relationship status on your Facebook page just invites awkwardness. The number of “likes” that you might get from people after you change your status from “married” to “it’s complicated” will creep you out.

Certain relationship statuses are also a draw for cyberstalkers. At one point, there was even a Facebook app that would notify you if friends you flagged changed their relationship status to “single.”

Don’t forget the scammers out there who specialize in sweetheart scams. They use social media, email and dating sites to create a romantic connection with you and then swindle you out of money. You don’t want them to see that you’re single on Facebook and get ideas. It’s easier to just remove your relationship status entirely.


5. Your Payment Information

Facebook is free, but it still wants your credit card number. Adding your financial information lets you buy gift cards and other products straight through the website. How convenient!

Of course, one of the best ways to accidentally get your credit card charged for something could be to leave your Facebook profile open on your home computer. A small family member or “joking” friend at your home could use it to spend money on something straight through Facebook. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Open your Facebook, click the upside-down triangle in the top right corner and choose “Settings.” In the left column select “Payments,” and then on the right go the “Account Settings” tab. You can see if you have any saved payment information and remove it.

This also keeps it out of the hands of any hackers who break into your Facebook profile.

Follow these tips to ensure a safer, more enjoyable Facebook and online experience.

Original Article by Kim Komando…


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