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Shred360 is proud once again to support and partner with Operation Enduring Warrior.  Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) is a veteran-founded non‐profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded veterans through a physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. Our program helps participants overcome adversity and hardship through innovation, teamwork, and perseverance. This ultimately enables the lives of wounded veterans to go in directions they may have once thought were impossible.

OEW is a completely volunteer run organization. Donations go directly towards operational support of the organization and its different programs.  The Masked Athlete Team (MAT) are specially trained volunteers who support our wounded veterans with the physical and mental adversity of extreme athletic challenges. The MAT spends countless hours preparing and researching ways to successfully assist our wounded veterans negotiate their extreme athletic challenges. Past events have included obstacle course races, hand-cycling, 5k and 10k races, and half/full Marathons

The gas masks worn by the team are symbolic of the hardships our wounded veterans live with every day. When the team members wear their gas masks their airflow is restricted by approximately 25%, simulating how the WVs they serve are overcoming insurmountable odds in the face of adversity. The MAT are composed of active-duty and prior service men and women.  They chose their call sign based on the leadership traits instilled into them while performing their military duties and now will embody this specific trait while performing their duties as a Masked Athlete.

Shred360 will be hosting a FREE Community Shred Day on Tuesday, April 26th, at our secure facility in Irmo, SC. During this event, we will be accepting cash donations on behalf of OEW which will be presented to them by Shred360 Owner and CEO James Christie following the Ultimate USMC Mud Run in Columbia on April 30th. If you are not able to attend this event but would still like to donate to OEW, please contact James directly at 803-233-1823. Thanks for your continued support of Shred360 and Operation Enduring Warrior!


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NAID Conf 1 NAID Conf 2 NAID Conf 3

Shred360 was well-represented at the recent 2016 NAID Annual Conference in Orlando FL. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the shredding industry’s guiding organization. Shred360’s John Anderson, James Christie, and Cam Caudle all attended the event, which is designed to offer NAID members the opportunity to gain new skills, learn new information, develop new tactics and strategies for success, and to network with other NAID members in an ever-changing industry. NAID members also had the chance to visit 100+ industry vendors in the Exhibit Hall to see the latest and greatest available to shredding providers.

Topics covered and discussed ranged from Maximizing Recycling Revenues, Business Transitioning to Next Generations, The Customer’s Perspective, Employee Safety, and many others. Pictured above is Shred360’s John Anderson. John led a seminar on successfully becoming NAID Certified in 2016 and also participated as a Panelist in the New Member Orientation seminar. To learn more about NAID, visit their website at


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S360 ID Badge Holder


Are you or your business in search of a holder for ID Badges? Have you ever been told you might need to ‘think outside the box’ for a solution? Well, at Shred360, we did just that and found the perfect ID Badge holder. Where’d we find it? In the lease likeliest of places…an online site that offers supplies for service dogs! What the what?! Yup…you read right.

The Raspberry Field is a great site that offers supplies for the service/working dog industry. These badge holders are well-constructed, fit easily onto our belts, and are really affordable. Check them out HERE. There are other options available, too. Just sniff around… See what I did there? And remember, when you’re searching for a solution, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You never know what you might step in…I mean, find…along the journey.

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tax records

At Shred360, we are asked all the time ‘How long should I keep my tax returns or bank statements?’  Our first recommendation is to advise you to consult your attorney or tax adviser for their advice. But, we recently came across this great info from our friends at Consumer Reports and wanted to share it with you.  You will see listed below some general guidelines for various files and records and a recommended retention program. Again, if/when in doubt, please consult your attorney or tax adviser.

Tax season is the perfect time to start culling your paper piles and computer files and getting everything in order. You’ve already delved into your financial records, so you might as well take the time to organize them.

Why, you may wonder, should you make tax season even worse than it already is? There are plenty of good reasons for getting your papers in order. One is that if you haven’t completed your taxes, getting your paperwork in order will reduce tax-preparation anxiety. And if you have already filed your taxes, you’ll want to know how long to keep tax records and other financial papers in case you’re audited.

There are other instances when being organized can pay off. If you’re meeting with a financial adviser or attorney, you don’t want to spend hours wading through clutter to find the documents you need. If there’s a fire, flood or theft, you’ll need access to essential documents quickly. And if you become ill, well-organized paperwork will make it easier for your loved ones to locate your health-care power of attorney, insurance policies, medical records, and outstanding bills.

So what should you do? Divide your financial papers into four categories: Papers that you need to keep for the calendar year or less; papers that can be destroyed when you no longer own the item the cover; tax records, (we’ll tell you how long to keep your tax records); and, finally a category for papers to keep indefinitely.


Keep for less than a year

In this file, store your ATM, bank-deposit, and credit card receipts until you reconcile them with your monthly statements. Once you’ve done that, shred the paper documents (to avoid identity theft) or securely trash electronic files unless you need them to support your tax return. Keep insurance policies and investment statements until new ones arrive.

Keep for a year or more

You’ll want to hold onto loan documents until the loan is paid off. That will often be for more than a year. Then destroy those documents. If you own one or more vehicles, hold onto the titles until you sell them. If you have investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or anything else, keep the investment purchase confirmations until you sell the investment so you can establish your cost basis and holding period. (If that information appears on your annual statements, you can keep those instead.)

Keep for seven years

If you fail to report more than 25 percent of your gross income on your tax returns, the government has six years to collect the tax or start legal proceedings. So when it comes to determining how long to keep tax records (electronic and paper) we recommend seven years, just in case

Keep forever

Essential records such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, Social Security cards, and military discharge papers should be kept indefinitely. Also hold onto defined-benefit-plan documents, estate-planning documents, life insurance policies, and an inventory of your bank safe deposit box (share a copy with your executor or your attorney).


Use a fireproof safe or password-protected electronic file for the following: Bank and investment statements, estate-planning documents, pension information, insurance policies, pay stubs, tax documents, and your safe deposit box inventory list.

Invest in a safe deposit box for papers than cannot be easily replaced: Original birth and death certificates, Social Security cards, passports, life insurance documents, marriage and divorce decrees, military discharge information, vehicle titles, an inventory of your home’s contents (in case you need to make an insurance claim), and loan documents.

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Logo 2Logo 5Logo 1

We now have a winner in the 2016 Shred360 Logo Design Contest! Pictured above are the top three finishers in the contest… From Left to Right above…Winner (Lacey C, Irmo SC), First Runner Up (Federico P, Tampa FL – and international student from Italy!) and Second Runner Up (Houston L, Irmo SC).

Shred360 is overwhelmed by the outstanding response to our 2nd annual logo design contest, which celebrates our birthday each January.  The staff of Shred360 was very impressed by the quality of artwork submitted by students this year. Shred360 received over 1000 entries in this edition of the contest. And all of you responded accordingly when voting for your favorite! In total, Shred360 received 1595 votes. WOW! Our winner (Lacey C from Irmo, SC) garnered top spot with a whopping 34% of the total vote (549 total votes!) Federico P narrowly took First Runner Up with 275 votes, while Houston L was close on his heels with 257 votes.

Our winner Lacey C is a student at Oak Pointe Elementary School in Irmo, SC, so the grand prize of $500 will be awarded to her school on her behalf. Oak Pointe Elementary School also submitted the most total entries into the contest (685!!) and will also take home the prize of $500 for most entries. Congrats to all of our Finalists, our Winner Lacey C, and to Oak Pointe Elementary School! Thanks to ALL that took the time and made the effort to contribute to a great contest! Shred360 looks forward to next year to see what 10 Years sparks in the minds of our students!


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